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Laser bore sighting has entered the 22nd century with Alpec chamberable boresighter, this revolutionary design allows you to chamber a cartridge with a laser in side of it to give a the most accurate boresighting possible.

The way this works you benchrest, your firearm and place the special target a minimum of 15 yards to 100 yards away. After you have the new scope secured to the firearm tight and crosshairs level. Place the accurizer cartridge in the chamber and carefully lock the bolt down. The laser will turn on automatic, now your ready sight through the scope and place the scopes crosshairs on the target crosshairs and look for the laser red dot. Next, turn the scope elevation and windage knobs to align the scope with the 100-yard line on the special target. Using the measurement from your trajectory chart, which is recommended? Align the crosshairs to the appropriate elevation.

With the scope now sighted in on the special target remove the accurizer cartridge prepare to fire one round down range at a target at 100 yards benchrest the firearm and lock it in real good fire one round.

At this point, you now are on target you will need to fine tune the scope for the difference in the height on the scope rings and bullet trajectory.

I fired 3 rounds to confirm I have the firearm lock in good not just a fluke. I made my scope adjustment and fired 2 more rounds for a bullseye.

Now with this knowledge, I installed the Accurizer cartridge and benchrest the firearm place the special target at the same distance as before and aligned the crosshairs and where the red dot was, I made a mark on the target. Now I have the necessary information for the perfect solution to check to make sure if the scopes gets bumped in travel or if I take it off I can check it without firing one round. I now know it will be the correct setting for the scope, firearm and bullet weight.

The Alpec Accurizer is a fast and easy way to boresight the firearm with the best accuracy possible. The time and money saved from checking for zero at two dollars a round for most of your premium ammunition. Once you have the information set up on the Alpec Accurizer target, there is no need to shoot the firearm to confirm zero.

Just think you can stay at the cabin staying warm and dry while your friends are out zeroing their firearms the day before hunting season. {Been there done that}.

The .223 caliber case has the laser inside the case this is the master case in which you insert the .223 case into the other special designed caliber cases for just about all of the caliber’s made. The set I reviewed was the shop set for the rifle which covers .223, .300win mag, .264 win mag, 7mm rem mag, .338 win mag, 270/30.06/ 25.06 / 35 whelen .243/.308 , 358win, 7mm-08rem, .260rem.

In closing, my opinion is the Alpec is the best boresighter on the market.

Checkout Alpec website www.alpec.com. Contact your local dealer to purchase.

Ken Menge