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reloading equipment from Mr.Dial


I've always been fascinated with reloading. I know people that do it, and I know why they do it. There are many different reasons to reload. Some do it for mass amounts of ammunition. Others are trying to load the perfect round. Lots of people load rounds to match a specific need. You may want a different round to shoot at Whitetail deer than you want to shoot an Elk. You may load rounds different for specific places you hunt. This is endless and the only limitations are the ones in our mind.

Reloading is an art and a science. It requires patience and attention to detail. This article is not an attempt to study the deepest depths of the science, but instead an attempt to get people started. There is a seemingly endless amount of information that you need to know, along with an equally seemingly endless amount of equipment you need. I am here to tell you that anyone is capable of doing it. I am a beginner and at first was scared to death of it.

I wanted to write about something that would help people like me get started. I talked to some experienced guys, and did some research. After that I was even more afraid than before. I contacted Dillon Precision and asked them what they had for beginners. Their quick and confident response was an AT 500-starter kit.

The "Advance Turret 500" is an excellent piece of equipment for beginners or experienced reloaders. The AT 500 is based on the time proven RL 550B frame. It offers the convenience of an indexable shellplate and interchangeable toolheads. It allows you to make caliber changes very fast and easy. You can change from .243 to .30-06 in a matter of seconds. The AT 500 comes with a universal shellplate that accepts a large variety of rifle and pistol calibers. Something else that makes the AT 500 so great is that it is completely upgradeable. You can start out with this inexpensive system and build to it as your needs increase. Did I mention that the AT 500 comes with a lifetime warranty? Well, it does. The basic system cost as little as $191. 95.



Now about all the endless equipment that you need. It isn't all that scary. Dillon sent meeverything that I needed to get started, including the AT 500, for under $400. The list isn't all that long, and after you think about it just a little bit it isn't confusing either. Dillon Precision has everything that you need to get started. If you will tell them that you are a beginner, they will ensure that you get everything that you need.

The first thing you need to begin reloading is a "manual". I don't care if you buy any equipment, you have got to have a manual first. Without it you are destine to injury and humiliation. Safety is a must, so they will send you some "safety glasses" too. The "Strong Mount" is a great mounting kit that increases the stability of your reloading bench. It eliminates the stress to the edge of your bench. Dillon has "Pistol Die Sets" and "Rifle Die Sets". They include a size die, crimp die and a seat die. The "Bench Wrench" is a handy tool that has all the correct sizes for Dillon Dies, powder systems, adjustments, etc. The "Eliminator Loading scale" is a precision instrument that eliminates all guesswork by a simple triple poise balance beam. The "Dial Caliper" is easy to read, and made of hardened stainless steel. It has a satin chrome finish to eliminate all glare. You have got to have a flip tray. It will get all your primers facing the same direction, and speed up your loading time. Dillon's "Primer Flip Tray" has been dubbed the Cadillac of flip trays. There are a lot of different accessories that you may purchase. This small list is enough to get you loading. Don't forget that you need to purchase brass, powder, primers and bullets. After receiving the basic equipment and reading the first chapter of the manual I was not nearly as confused about reloading as I was before.

Dillon Precision has competent staff that can help you with any reloading questions or problems. They may be reached at 800-762-3845. Checkout their website at www.dillonprecision.com. Do yourself a favor and give them a call. They will chase all of the fears and uncertainties away.

By: Justin Boyette