SAVAGE ARMS Model 10MLSS-11XP .50 Muzzleloader

Savage's hot new muzzleloader this year is a packaged firearm consisting of a 24" stainless steel barreled action heavy contour, bottom rifled barrel with crowned muzzle and a sling with swivel studs. The package comes with a Simons 3-9x40 8-point fully coated lens scope.

Savage's new muzzleloader can fire smokeless powder, black powder or pyrodex, you choose the powder in this bolt action .50 caliber using the 209 primer ignition. The Model 10 can produce velocities of around 2,300 f.p.s. and can achive 3,000 ft.lbs. of power. Using smokeless powder, you can get higher velocities than black powder and better accuracy and no messy cleanup.

The patented removable breech plug and vent liner makes cleanup fast , just remove the bolt and use the supplied tool to remove the plug .


I reviewed this new firearm with because of a new found interest, I never got involved with muzzleloading firearms before because of the messy cleanup, inaccuracy and delayed firing and miss fires, to me it was not fun. Savage made it too easy for me, This packaged firearm came in a stainless steel barreled action, factory Simons scope and the 209-primer system.


At the range, I used Hodgdons new Triple Seven-blackpowder ,which is sulfur free and will not corrode like blackpowder and can be cleaned up with water only.
Using 300gr. Power belt bullets at 100 yards gave me case cartridge accuracy with the smokeless powder, blackpowder groups where not far behind.
I'm very pleased and impressed with the performance from this muzzleloader, it looks like there is a new firearm going into my gun closet. This muzzleloader is a keeper and I'm a new fan of blackpowder shooting.

Savage Arms has the loading data on their website for the types of smokeless powder and the weight and grain bullet. You CANNOT fire smokeless powder in any black powder firearm unless the manufacture states differently. Checkout Savage arms website for their products and info or you favorite Savage arms dealer.

By:Ken Menge