Taurus Total Titanium .357

Titanium seems to be the "word of the day" with many products these days. Taurus hasn't wasted time putting up a new line of Total Titanium products. They've got my vote. This is a lighter pistol that carries an extra round. They mean it when they say Total.

Titanium is very strong, tough and corrosion proof. This model 627 Tracker represents what I think will become the next generation of revolvers. It comes in either a 4 or 6 inch barrel that is factory ported. Also, something unique to this pistol is the new ribber grip. Notice this is not a misspelling of rubber. The grip is ribbed and will form to fit the contours your hand. The M627T also comes 7 shot, instead of 6.


I am very impressed with this grip design. More times than not, I have to purchase after market grips for my handguns. Most custom grips are very wide in certain spots to allow for contour curves. These grips are great in that they will adjust themselves to your on unique touch. Though most of us hold a firearm in very similar ways, there are still many different sizes of hands and fingers. I will not be replacing the grips on this pistol.

Factory ported barrels mean less muzzle flip. This allows more accurate shooting and faster recovery time. I enjoy being able to get that second round off as fast and as accurate as possible. Shooting a ported or compensated pistol is really a much more enjoyable experience, for me. By porting this pistol, Taurus is providing me with a high-performance firearm right out of the box.

I've always been a fan of Taurus. They continue to produce quality firearms at affordable prices. It's hard to beat the lifetime repair policy that they offer on their products. If you're on the look out for a great deal on a new revolver, give this one a try. You wont be disappointed.

By: Justin Boyette