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Taurus copper bullets

A neat package arrived the other day and I almost couldn't bring myself to use it. The folks at Taurus sent along 2 boxes of their new copper hex bullet in 45 ACP. They came packaged in 20 round cardboard boxes with the Taurus logo and an image of the hex bullet expanded and the 99.95 percent pure claim printed alongside the image; a claim they may correctly make as the folks at ATF got involved and decided that they are now involved in truth in advertising. ATF investigated the claim of 99.95 pure copper; guess what, it is!

The Taurus copper bullets are assembled using the Taurus team of Barnes for the 99.95% pure bullet, Hodgden for the powder and PMC for the case. Taurus will market and distribute the product internationally while directing the manufacturing of the ammunition as well. Barnes Bullets are to supply the bullet using their well-known X-bullet technology to Taurus’ specs using pure copper combined with the hex bullet technology. Hodgden will supply a version of their titegroup. The pure copper bullet coupled with titegroup’s advantage of being environmentally friendly allows a fast burning powder to provide accuracy and a lead free bullet down range with a minimum of fouling or residual buildup. PMC will provide assembly along with the case and a non-mercuric primer. Taurus’ hex bullet is designed to provide expansion starting at 650fps following thru to 850fps for full expansion while retaining 100% of it’s weight in all handgun velocities. Now on to the range…

Testing was done at 7 meters and we used Taurus’ new Tracker in 45 ACP and a CZ 97B. I really hated opening those boxes and looking past that lot #1 stamp, but what are you going to do! We used a 25 foot slow fire pistol target and were pleased with results not having much ammo, we allowed 5 round each pistol just to get the feel of things. We then fired for record using a double-handed stance. We fired 2 – 3 round shot groups per pistol and everything came in under 1 ¾. The Tracker proved one group a 1 ½ and one at just under 1 ¾. The CZ proved both groups at under 1 ½. In fairness, I haven’t spent a lot of time on the Tracker yet, but I really don’t think the difference is a major problem. We then put the remaining 3 rounds in the editor’s 45 Colt and he printed in at just under 1 ½ also!

I could not bring myself to give up the second box of ammo; that #1 lot number jumps out, screaming at me “save me!” There was little difference in the velocity, i calculated at 872fps average in the Tracker, CZ 97B and 970 fps in the Colt. Taurus has a real winner with this and the good part is that they don’t even consider it match ammo. It will be priced accordingly. Calibers to follow will include 38+p, 9mm and 40S&W. I hope they produce the same results as the 45’s. It was a pleasure and an experience to be able to shoot something that new and a real ego booster to produce those kinds of results out of the box.

By: Fletcher Ruckman