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Rothco gloves

Gloves are an important part of tactical gear set. They serve many purposes. Gloves are used to keep our hands warm or to protect Law officers from harmful contraband hidden on a suspect's body. Sometimes we don't put enough importance in choosing the gloves we wear. For those who's lives and jobs depend on them, I would recommend the Rothco line of gloves. Rothco knows tactical gear. They've been in the business for over 50 years.

First on the list are the Nomex Flight gloves. These gloves are the preferred choice of most U.S. special operations personnel. Don't let the term "flight gloves" fool you. They should rename these to "fight gloves". These gloves are lightweight and durable. They fit snug in all the right places, allowing you to perform all those important tasks such as, loading a magazine, getting something out of your pocket, and firing your weapon. I've even written letters while wearing these gloves.

Flight gloves are heat resistant and provide excellent thermal protection. Aviators, for reasons of heat and fire protection, plus the comfort and finger control wear these gloves. This brand will hold up well. I dug around in the threads, pulled hard on the seams and ran these through the wash a couple of times. Something to note is that aviators gloves must be tested for tears and holes. The reason is to prevent any flash burns. A small hole in the fingertip can cause serious problems. I dont fly so this isnt really an issue for me. I wear them for different reasons.

These are flight gloves that are used by special operation forces. I dont know how these came to be so popular with the tactical units, but I do know why. For the reasons I've said in this review. I would also recommend these gloves to hunters. I bowhunt in my pair and they give me better dexterity than any hunting gloves, I've ever purchased. These gloves will also dry very quickly.

Rothco makes these gloves to U.S. military specs. They are made with sheepskin and U.S. made Nomex fabric. These gloves can be washed in a machine and that's a big plus for tactical people. The Rothco line of these gloves will provide you with a great set of gloves at an affordable price, compared to some other brands. We put these through the gauntlet and they held up very well. You can purchase these in Black or O.D.

The next set that I would like to talk to you about is the Police Kevlar lined gloves. Searching someone is never fun because you often don't know what your going to find. Police officers have a rough time with searching people. I don't know why, but when the police officer asks if the person has something on them, they often lie and say they don't. Why do they do this? Don't they know they are going to be searched anyway? These are the minds that commit the crime in the first place. Most of the time you cant trust them, so why not trust a good pair of Rothco Kevlar lined gloves instead.

These gloves come with a Kevlar lining sewn into a leather shell. The lining is cut resistant and wont let you get a nasty puncture wound. Aside from all the protection, comfort is always a good thing to have and these gloves provide all that you will need. They allow for plenty of dexterity, which is a complete necessity when your life depends on it. You can operate your radio and or weapon while wearing these gloves. I typed this paragraph while wearing them as well. We should say that you should always use precaution when conducting a search even while wearing protective equipment. These gloves have much to offer in the way of comfort and function. This line of gloves is something no police officer should be without.

Rothco carries a full line of military and law enforcement products. They care about what they do and the primary focus is customer satisfaction. In the line of duty, you need every advantage you can get. Get the Rothco advantage. Please see more information at

By: Justin Boyette